The cat even goes to the shower for his mistress and thus expresses gratitude to her

The woman sheltered a very unusual cat, which, it seems, should not have had any chances. But she took him from the shelter and now the grateful gray cat is so grateful to his savior that he does not leave her.

A cat with a funny nickname Belarus, the former owners were forced to transfer him to a shelter when the landlord announced that he refused to rent out the property along with the pets.

The shelter staff doubted the possibility of finding housing for this purr, but still did not lose hope. The cat is incredibly affectionate and friendly, with a funny face and a lush, very beautiful tail.

But then Rachel stumbled upon his picture, who came from out of town to adopt this charming cat. She admitted that she fell in love with him as soon as she saw and realized that she wanted to take him for herself.

And now the grateful Belarus follows his beloved mistress everywhere, even to the shower room, and she does not even have the opportunity to be alone, without a cat.

But Rachel does not complain, because the cat is incredibly cheerful and positive and is the real joy of its owners, who simply do not have a soul in it and indulge in every possible way.

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