The cat raised kittens and ducklings together as her own cubs

This story takes place in Ireland. Animals are distinguished by amazing kindness and a strong maternal instinct. The behavior of this cat which decided to raise ducklings, proves this fact. It was a small farm with a small household. The farmer raised chickens, sheep and ducks.

Also, an ordinary cat, whose name was Dana, lived on the farm. Recently, Dana gave birth to kittens and devoted all her time to caring for her cubs.

In the same period of time, ducklings appeared on the farm, which were left without a mother. When the cat heard the plaintive squeak of the crumbs, she immediately reacted to it. The animal took the babies in its teeth and carried them to their kittens. The cat licked the birds and carefully tried to warm them with the heat of her body.

Of course, the farmer was very surprised. He watched with interest this mother-heroine, her family and adopted children. The ducklings fell in love with their foster mother and even began to copy her behavior.

When the little ducks grew up a little, they began to run about their business, but then they would certainly return under the “wing” of the mother cat.

This story is amazing, because by nature, cats tend to hunt birds. However, in this situation, Dana’s maternal instinct worked.She mistook the ducklings for her children and raised them.

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