The cat turned on the music at full volume and woke up the apartment building while the owner wasn’t at home

On a late Saturday night in Lugo, Spain, a cat decided to have a house party with music playing from the radio system. And he wanted to do it in the early morning.So as a result of which, he woke up an entire apartment building, forcing the neighbors to call the police.

Moreover, this wasn’t the first case and frequent parties at night and early in the morning in this house, despite the knock of the neighbors on the door, forced to turn to the police. And it turned out that there was no one at home, except for the cat. At that time, the owner of the cat was on a business trip outside the city.

To their surprise, they realized that the cat sometimes used its paws to turn on the speakers and turn on the music. Instead of turning the volume down, he turned them all the way up and thus the whole building was forced to listen to the music.

“His cat has a habit of turning on musical equipment with his paw and (moving)control the volume ,” the police told a local periodical.

It is reported that the man was immediately forced to return home to turn off the stereo.

Interestingly, the neighbors in the area had a party the night before the cat turned on the sound. Neighbors called the police around 1 am because of the loud music. The police reacted to the sound of music coming from the street.

They then demanded that the owner of the house turn off the music.

Once again, the police came in with another noise complaint from a nearby house at 4:55 am on Sunday. Residents turned off the sound again and the police issued fines. And the cat, most likely, decided to join the general fun, which is worse, isn’t it?

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