The cat was nicknamed «The Fur Factory».Now he is famous, but he was a so skinny kitten

The family was returning home from a vacation in Florida. They spotted a small kitten on the side of the road.So they stopped to check on it. The kid was thin and obviously sick and he simply had no chance to survive on the street. The family decided to take the baby with them.

At home they began to treat the baby, who was named Silas and very soon their efforts bore fruit. The kitten began to recover and grow, becoming more and more well-fed and unusually fluffy.
If at first the cat’s coat simply became thicker and shinier, then closer to adolescence, the owners began to call their pet a fur factory, because it turned out to be unusually fluffy.

The owners are very proud of their pet, because they have invested a lot of time and effort into its treatment, and only thanks to this, Silas has become so handsome. The appearance of the cat turned out to be one of his trump cards, the animal has its own page on the social network, which already has several tens of thousands of subscribers.

The owners are happy to share photos of their pet, as well as a video with him. Comparisons of how the kitten looked when it was first found and how it changed in the future are successful. A small, thin and dirty kitten has become a charming ball of fur.

From the first time it is very difficult to believe in such cardinal changes, but this is the best example of what love, care and proper care are capable of.

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