The cat with the most unusual behavior: raises its front paws to the top and reaches for the sky

A cat named Case lives at Peter Mars’ home near California. It looks like a simple cat, but its behavior surprises everyone around.

Once, Peter saw his pet stand on its hind legs, and stretch its front legs up. There was no reason for such unusual behavior, but from the outside it looked as if the cat was surrendering or preparing to be beaten with a brow.

Case’s trick was considered very strange by her owner, but he decided that all animals sometimes behave this way.

A day later, Case repeated her trick, and then began to do it daily, or even several times a day. The owner often takes a photo of the unusual stand of the cat, which is acting both strange and cute.

Photos of Case always cause a storm of discussions in social networks, Peter’s subscribers believe that in this way Case reaches for the sun.

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