The children tied a rope to the puppy and “walked” him, dragging him along the asphalt…

A little puppy girl was born on the street, and her future did not bode well. Her mother, brothers and sisters disappeared for no reason, and the baby ended up in the hands of local children. The guys tied a rope to it, and then they began to “walk” the animal, dragging it along the asphalt.

What fate would have awaited the baby, if not for Olga Lukashenko, is unknown. The baby still did not really know how to walk on her own, and in addition, she was born already without one paw. The girl took away a three-week-old dog from the children, taking her to her.

Of course, the baby was in a terible state, but Olya firmly decided to cure her and give her a happy life. The girl was sure that love and care would do their job. She did not plan to leave her at home, but immediately began to look for new owners for the animal.

She was not going to give the puppy to the first person she came across, so she diligently chose a honest and kind family for a long time. Finally, Olga met a wonderful girl named Natalya, whom she decided to entrust the baby to. And she was not wrong!

Now the animal’s name is Aiza. Charming and loyal dog grows active and very affectionate. She seems to understand what her new mistress saved her from, and all the time she looks at her with eyes full of gratitude.

Grow big and healthy, beauty! And may all the homeless ponytails find the same wonderful owners as your owner.

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