The couple went on vacation to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, but they were stopped at the airport due to baggage

A family living on the Isle of Man decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their life together. Both spouses took a vacation from work and booked a trip to New York. On the day of departure, they took their suitcases and went to the airport, after saying goodbye to Candy, the cat, who was for the spouses as another member of the family.

Having entrusted the care of the neighbor’s cat suddenly one of them remembered that he forgot to pack a couple of important things in his suitcase. Quickly going through the suitcase, the couple got into the car and drove to the airport.

It was at the airport that an emergency situation occurred.While checking the suitcases, the airport employees noticed something unusual.Both spouses were taken to a separate room for searches and asked to open their suitcases. As it turned out, Sweetie did not want to be separated from the owners and hid in one of them during the repeated training camp. All the way to the airport, the cat sat quietly, afraid that the owners would notice him.

Airport staff reacted to the situation with understanding and humor. The couple called their neighbor to the airport, who picked up the cat and took him home. Fortunately, the couple managed to catch their plane, and Sweetie had to miss them for several weeks, but all this time he was surrounded by his temporary nanny.

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