The cutest Beagle doesn’t like his new talking toy parrot

Oliver the Beagle wasn’t a big fan of the new talking parrot toy his dad showed him. He is nicknamed the Beagle Pirate, so it seemed appropriate to get Oliver his own parrot.

Some have called Oliver the Beagle a pirate because his ears are so long that they can be used as eyes. When his dad brought him out, Oliver was wearing a pirate neckerchief.

The neckerchief was black and had skulls and crossbones all over it. Oliver was ready to sail and explore the seven seas. Then he met his new companion.

The toy was perfectly still and would repeat any sound it heard. Oliver sniffed it with interest and caution.

Nothing happened, and Oliver turned to the back of the toy and continued to sniff it. The toy moved and Oliver was startled and jumped back. He then moved to a safe distance away.

Oliver did what Beagles do best and he started barking at the toy. To his surprise, the bird barked back at him.He tilted his head and was disappointed with the toy.

A treat was placed on the toy, and Oliver wouldn’t even go near it. He whimpered and hid in his crate so he didn’t have to see it jump or bark anymore.

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