The cutest two-legged cat ever plays and snoozes in unusual ways

The Pali cat has many characteristics of other cats. She likes to play, eat, and go to the bathroom. She sleeps for most of the day, much like other cats.

But Pali is different. Her two front legs were absent at birth. Thank goodness Milo accidentally discovered the cat and brought her in. Because Milo had never before had a cat with special requirements, he was first unclear of how to care for the animal.

But Milo discovered Mercury, a different two-legged cat with a track record of Internet fame, and the girl was motivated by his narrative. Pali quickly developed and thrived under good hands.

The cat quickly mastered walking on its two rear legs. Pali also began playing her own game. When Pali becomes tired, she extends to her maximum height and coils her back into a C shape.

I don’t even think she even realizes that she’s extraordinary, says Milo. She’s quite tough, and I truly miss her while I’m away from home or at work. When I visit, she always makes me feel welcome.

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