The daughter brought to her mother a puppy that fit in her hands. Someone threw him in the entrance

A girl named Irina Trush has always loved dogs, so it isn’t surprising that she helps animals and raises her daughter, instilling her love for our smaller creatures.

One day, Ira’s daughter noticed a two-month-old puppy in the entrance. Someone threw the baby away, not wanting to take care of her. The child took pity on the baby and, without hesitation for a second, took her home. When Irina met her daughter at the doorstep, she had a puppy in her hands.

Mom was not even going to scold the child, deciding that the pet would stay in the house. She was even glad that everything turned out this way and that her daughter was growing up so compassionate.

The baby was given the nickname Alex, and she grew up a smart and affectionate girl. But the dog isn’t the only pet in the family.Shortly after her appearance, Elena decided to get another puppy. So Lucky also began to live in the house.

The crumbs had a whole “bouquet” of diseases: rickets, worms, fleas and lice. Fortunately, he fell into good hands and Lena quickly put the pet on her paws.

Lucky has grown up becoming a very sweet and active pet. For his beloved owners he is ready to rush into battle at any moment. The real defender is growing.

I would like to sincerely thank the family, which is always ready to open the doors of their home for a homeless animal.

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