The doctor saves everyone, but does not take a cent. He treats animals belonging to homeless people…

Poverty is rampant in the US, and in the state of California, the number of homeless people has reached a critical level of 151.278 people! Fortunately, there are good Samaritans among us who can inspire hope even in the hearts of those people who do not have a roof over their heads.

Since 2011, a man named Stuart Quain has been helping not even homeless Californians, but their pets! This man is a street veterinarian who saves them without taking a cent for it.

Stewart helps those who are on the sidelines of life. The 49-year-old man takes all the expenses for food and medicine out of his own pocket. He always carries with him a bag with medical supplies and every free minute he wanders around the neighborhood in search of those in need.

So, for example, in this photo, the doctor helps his rectal cancer and a dog named Crazy.

Stewart has set up a donation page so anyone can help financially. Funds are needed for animals that require an expensive operation. For example, removing a tumor can cost $1,500, while a flea vaccine in California costs about $100.

In the last few years, the doctor has witnessed many stories of love, compassion and hope…

Stewart is always grateful to the people who support him financially. After all, the rescue of animals belonging to the homeless would be impossible if no one helped. Now the man dreams of bringing several more veterinarians to the streets, because there are a lot of people in need and he simply does not have time to help each of them.

The doctor treats everything from allergies to arthritis. He is very affectionate with animals, and they, of course, reciprocate, feeling that they are lucky to meet a really kind person.

People admire the work of a street veterinarian, his generosity and self-sacrifice. Perhaps, while there are such Good Samaritans among us, all is not lost…

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