The dog came to the shelter from capture, her own owners called for service

There are indeed situations in history when a dog doesn’t want to understand a person, and life with a pet becomes a real hell. But not this time.

Motya came to the shelter from capturing. The dog wasn’t found on the streets so exhausted. Mitya was called to the service by his own parents. And everything would be fine if Mitya really gave reason to doubt himself.

Dozens of volunteers watched the dog’s behavior and habits, but not one of them complained about the dog’s aggression, stubbornness or indomitability. The reviews were the most polar. This is a very energetic, good-natured and quite intelligent friendly dog. It’s just that the owners were irresponsible.

We played with the pet, and we got tired. And everything that was connected with Motya was inextricably intertwined with the word «too». Walking takes too much time.A pet requires too much attention. Too much wool from his existence in the apartment. It took too long to accustom him to walks and other useful habits. And some things need to be explained to the pet all his life, to guide, help, orient.

But this is what is called care, upbringing, even living together, like a child or your soul mate. Everywherew is needed communication and constant participation. Otherwise nothing happens. But in the case of Motei, the dog turned out to be excellent anyway. And he’s looking for a home.

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