The dog couldn’t eat.It turned out that her stomach was stuffed with plastic bags

Roxy ended up in a critical condition with us. The poor thing couldn’t drink or eat. Also, the baby couldn’t walk.

When they did a full examination, it turned out that she had many health problems. Pyometra, mastopathy and a stomach full of plastic bags are an incomplete list of Roxy’s diseases. The dog was operated on. The operation was long and difficult. I had to remove the milk ridges, pyometra. Plastic bags were removed from the stomach.

The dog was so hungry that he took out everything from the garbage containers that smelled of food. If the operation had not been done in time, Roxy would have died in terrible agony.

Roxy’s tissue samples were submitted for histology. A couple of days later she was discharged from the hospital. However, later complications arose. After the operation, the dog’s sutures began to diverge. The dog is currently in foster care. She receives the necessary treatment, care and care.

The histology result showed that the tumor was malignant, but fortunately it was removed. Let’s hope Roxy recovers. We all sincerely want this.

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