The dog found kittens abandoned in the forest and could not leave them without help

One day Vika and her dog Turbo went for their next walk. The dog suddenly ran out of the yard and the hostess followed. And then she saw her pet in the distance and heard a plaintive squeak from there.

The girl came closer and it turned out that her beloved, kind dog could not move away from those who needed help.

A tiny, wet kitten stood in the middle of an abandoned road. Vika took the baby, but Turbo still didn’t calm down. He quickly ran on and in the fallen leaves there were two more cats. The poors were shivering from the cold and were completely exhausted from malnutrition.

It was obvious that the mother cat was absent and there was no one to warm and feed them. Vika could not leave the fluffies in trouble and she took them to her home. Literally a day later, she took the crumbs to the veterinary clinic. To the great joy of the girl, it turned out that the kittens are completely healthy.

She fed them with a pipette every three hours and put them to bed in a box covered with a soft feather bed. The kittens were growing very fast. In a short time, they completely got stronger and turned into playful, sociable, inquisitive kids. Vika realized that she was unable to part with them, since both she and her dog Turbo became very attached to them.

Now they are very friendly with the dog who once saved their lives.

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