The dog got under the wheels and could not get up. He gave her food and water until hadn’t come to the rescue

The man called the volunteers and said that on the way he saw a dog that got under the wheels and could not stand up. The caller himself brought her water, food and didn’t leave until the volunteers arrived at the place.

The dog was quikly taken to the veterinary clinic and there, after examination, she was given a referral for an X-ray, that revealed a broken paw, but since the bones were all right, the doctor guaranteed that everything would heal by itself.


The dog was named Fibby. They found a clip in her ear, but no information could be found on it, so she was sent for an ultrasound to find out if sterilization had been carried out, this is necessary for examining the animal.

In the shelter, Phoebe was kept in an isolated room. In order for the bones to grow together, it was needed the most calm atmosphere , so the dog would recover faster.

Phoebe is an adorable pet with sad eyes. She had to endure many troubles during her homeless life. Now she is still undergoing rehabilitation, and then, as the volunteers hope, they will still be able to find a family for her.

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