The dog lay at the bus stop without strength, but no one even gave water

Passing by the market, closed for the May holidays, we saw Tirik. The dog lay at the bus stop and sadly looked at the enclosed pavilion. There was no food or water near him. I always carry treats for animals with me, so this time I had some food and water, so I started calling Tigrik to feed him. Seeing me, the dog wagged his tail, but did not approach, he barely had the strength to raise his head.

I started to worry. Mom and I put food near the dog and organized a bowl of water. The tiger ate with appetite, however, in each of our meetings he was hungry, so there was nothing strange in the fact that he ate quickly and greedily. The last couple of days the market didn’t work, therefore, the Tiger was starving. He dealt with food quickly, at the same time, he did not even refuse the usual bread, which I fed him from my hands. While the dog was eating, I noticed that he was covered in ticks.

I left my family to wait for me on the bench, and I ran to the nearest store to buy napkins. Ticks stuck to the dog’s head, but he bravely endured while I carefully took them out. I do not think that getting rid of the parasites brought him instant relief, but he was very grateful and actively showed it. To celebrate, the dog licked my little daughter not only hands, but also legs.

After sitting with the dog for a while, we went home, but Tigrik did not want to leave and followed us. On the way we took photos in which Tigrik actively participated. He diligently fulfilled our requests, as if he understood exactly what we wanted from him:

“That’s it, Tirik, sit down for a while, we’ll take a couple of pictures, and you can go.” We want to find you an owner, only for this we need to show him how beautiful you are.

The dog happily followed instructions, looking at us with a look full of hope.

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