The dog saved the child, who was left by the mother

It happened a long time ago, in those days when winters in Ukraine were very cold and people said that in such frosts a good owner would not even leave a dog on the street. This story is terrifying, but at the same time delightful.

Local residents noticed a dog that had been lying on the stairs for several days. During these days the animal never moved, but it was clear that it was still breathing. People decided to help the animal and for this they went to the neighbor who lived closest. Passing by the dog, they noticed that she covered the baby with her body.

It turned out that all this time the dog did not move in order to warm the two-year-old boy with his body at least a little. On the street in the cold, the child was left by a woman who called herself his mother. The dog warmed the baby with all her might and without her care, he could have died from hypothermia or would have received irreparable health problems.

For two days the dog did not leave the child for a moment, trying with its body to protect him from frost and give him a chance at life. People took the baby and immediately took him to the hospital. Doctors stated severe hypothermia and weakness, but this was fixable and did not threaten his life, and all thanks to the dedication of a stray dog.

The boy’s mother was found, after the trial she was sent to serve a prison sentence. The boy was taken from the hospital to an orphanage, but he fully recovered and life in an orphanage is clearly better for him than staying with his mother, who doomed him to death. The dog remained to live in the village, she still does not have a home, but for the locals she has become a real heroine.

This story is terrible and inspiring at the same time. It turned out that not everyone born human deserves this title. The stray dog turned out to have more sympathy, kindness and love for the child than his own mother, who left the child in the cold and did not think about him for a whole week until the police found her.

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