The dog was abandoned in the forest near the road in the winter.She lived in a cardboard box and looked into every car

When Tosya got tired of her owners, they simply took her out of the city and left her in a snowy forest. The dog did not know where to go and hoped that people would come back for it..So it stayed near the tree where it was thrown. One of the caring people brought her a box, sometimes she was fed by drivers of cars passing by.

A girl living in a nearby village took Tosya from the side of the road several times, then the dog ran away from overexposure and went to the same place where she was left. The trace from the collar testified that the dog had an owner and that she settled on the side of the forest not of her own free will.

That waited very long. At first she was afraid to even take a step away from the tree where they left her. Then she started to move aside a little, studying the surroundings. The sound of an approaching car made the dog immediately run back to the roadside, because she still hoped that she was in the forest because of a mistake and soon people would correct her.

As soon as a car appeared on the horizon, Tosya ran to the road, hoping that it was the owner who had returned, but the cars drove along the road without stopping.

Tosya waited, but no one came for her. When there was no more hope left, she decided to accept help, and when the girl once again took her for overexposure, Tosya did not run away.She resigned herself to the fact that her loyalty was much greater and her love was much stronger than those that she was capable of her previous owner.

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