The dog was so thirsty that she began to ask passers-by for water.

With the onset of hot weather an unfavorable time comes for animals. They begin to suffer not only from a lack of food, but also water. As the puddles dry up, finding drinking water becomes a challenge.

When pets have owners, they themselves take care of them, but strays have to rely only on luck or on their personal ingenuity and intelligence, which do not fail, and sometimes amaze.

So, in Lima the capital of Peru an unfortunate stray dog was so thirsty that she found an unusual way out of this situation. A homeless dog from somewhere found an old paint bucket and walks with it in its mouth along the city streets.

It is not very difficult to understand what a dog needs in the Latin American heat, and we can assume that the dog has solved his problem. Only now the question remains, where did she get this very bucket, which became her salvation in the summer heat.

But in any case, it is with this bucket in her mouth that she approaches everyone in a row and puts it in front of passers-by, showing that she needs to drink.

Owners of city shops and restaurants gladly and willingly fill a bucket with water, and even ordinary passers-by share bottled water with a dog without any problems.

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