The dog was stuffed into a bag and thrown out of the car onto the track. But she survived to spite everyone!

This dog’s name is Verochka. Exactly a year ago, she appeared in the family of Evgenia Ryzhova. The baby was sad and shy, which, however, is not at all surprising, because she had to endure betrayal and lucky escape.

Once Verochka was thrown out of the car right in the bag! Fortunately, caring people noticed how something was thrown out of the car onto the track. What was the surprise and shock when they found a dog in a bag!

Verochka miraculously survived! Caring people took the dog to the local city shelter, and the very next day Evgenia Ryzhova took the poor thing.

The pet was frightened and shy, and it took time for her to be able to trust her new owners.

A year has passed. Verochka is still a very delicate and tactful dog. She adores her mistress, Evgenia, and tries her best to help her. An eight-year-old pet is happy to dig beds with a girl and harvest. During the time that she lives in a new house, the baby even rejuvenated from love and care and began to feel much better.

Thanks to Zhenya for giving the animal a happy and carefree life!

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