The dog was too kind to be a police officer. But the moment came when he needed it

Dog Ozzy from an early age was trained as a police officer. But he was too kind and soft-tempered to cope with the detention of intruders, but rather liked to fiddle with balls.

And Ozzy’s guardians decided to use his peculiarity. He still fights crime, but this time with criminals with feathers.

Ozzy was born three years ago in one of the Australian cities and he was trained to serve in the police department in Queensland.

However, something went wrong in the service, because the dog’s disposition was very good-natured and he simply loved to play ball, and as a police dog he could not prove himself.

But the rest of his abilities turned out to be just perfect for working as part of the airport team, where he was accepted with pleasure.

And its function at the airport is to scare away birds, which cause a lot of trouble on the runway. It turned out that Ozzy is an excellent bird repellent, and much more effective than the technique that was recently introduced here.

So now he has a completely comfortable life, which he likes: scaring away birds, and the rest of the time playing with ball in the fresh air.

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