The dream of two cats is to break into the museum! They have been storming the building for two years, but in vain

Among cats, too, there are passionate lovers of art. 2 purrs have been trying to enter into a Japanese museum for years!

Of course, the cats did not have tickets, so the guards gave the mustachioed guests a turn from the gate.

This story began 2 years ago. An exhibition titled “Cats – Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition” has started at the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art. A few days after its opening, a unique visitor appeared at the event, who became a “live advertisement” of the event.

A small black cat tried to enter the museum through the sliding glass doors. It seemed that he was about to succeed.

To the great regret of the cat, the guard noticed him and did not allow him to go inside the museum. Almost immediately after that, the user @mukusuke, who filmed what was happening on video, posted the video on Twitter.

Of course, the story of the cat being lured by art quickly caught everyone’s attention.

By the way, the pet lives near the museum and his name is Ken Chan. More recently, he returned again, pursuing the same goal – to penetrate the building.

But Ken Chan didn’t come alone, this time he brought a friend with him. Along with the pet also came a red cat named Gosaku.

You will not believe it, but the cats, as if by agreement, tried to distract the guards.

From that day on, two cats began to live next to the museum.

And though the purrs will never be able to move their paws through the halls of the building, they are adored by all workers and visitors.

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