The extremely emaciated dog realized that this stranger was her only chance for salvation

The man was an asphalt worker and on the side of the road he came across a dog whose appearance was simply shocking. She was so skinny that her skeleton was visible and she no longer had the strength to move.

She just lay there and looked at the man with very sad eyes. And he could not remain indifferent and immediately turned to animal rights activists. They arrived in a couple of hours and quickly took the dog away and she was so weak that she did not even resist when she was transferred to the car. The girl was given the nickname Gracie.

How the dog got there and why it was in such a state no one knew. Volunteers think that the dog was originally kept as a hunting dog, that is, they wanted to train it to catch game, but the girl’s disposition turned out to be gentle and peaceful and she couldn’t cope with her task.

She wasn’t ready for the conditions of survival in the conditions of the street. She had a very strong underweight, which was ten kilograms less than the norm, it was an extreme exhaustion of the body. She also had parasites in her body.

The veterinarians work wasn’t an easy one. Gracie needed to be treated quickly, however, due to exhaustion, medications were contraindicated for her. She was left with one girl for overexposure, where it turned out that she also had depression.

For the first few days she lay on the doorstep, hardly moving, refusing to eat or drink. Only occasionally she could get up, walk around a bit, and sit back in her seat. By the second week, she nevertheless trusted people and realized that she would not be abandoned.

The dog adapted for a very long time, but as a result, she began to gain weight and get better. When the weight returned to normal, they began to treat her and now they are looking for new owners, and the volunteers are sure that this will happen very quickly.

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