The family adopted the kitten and now he thanks them by bringing gifts

A cat with an interesting nickname Gonzo is a full member of Derek’s family. He was taken from a shelter about a year ago and he perfectly adapted to his new home and began to gradually expand his “sphere of influence”.

As a result, the owners were already calm for the pet, as he always returned home. The cat, who is very grateful to the family that took him in, probably wants to thank his owners in a very curious way.

Once Derek’s wife scared him with a cry and he, who rushed to help her, saw a strange picture. Gonzo found a bird and decided to treat the hostess with prey. She, of course, was not delighted with the behavior of the pet and the bird remained alive, she was quickly released into the street.

But our quick-witted cat figured out that it’s better to avoid live gifts and need to come up with something more interesting. And since then, he scrupulously selects presents for his owners, regularly bringing new ones. Once he brought as many as nine gifts in a day.

He usually brings bright objects from the local garbage dump։ pieces of cardboard, magazine covers, plastic utensils, but one day he decided to rob the workers who were repairing the sewerage and the owner made excuses for a long time that these were cat tricks.

Sometimes the cat shows remarkable imagination in choosing a gift, therefore, in order to avoid problems, the owners provided him with a miniature camera attached to the collar. By the way, before taking this or that object, he meticulously looks at it from all sides and sniffs it.

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