The five-legged dog does not lose heart and does everything to learn to walk

Dog Gemma was born with a strong underweight, three times smaller than the rest, but not only in this she differed, but in the presence of one more, fifth paw.

This fact upset and worried Gemma’s owners, as they doubted whether they could provide proper care for this baby. And then they contacted the staff of the Society for the Protection of Animals, and they willingly volunteered to help.

The back of Gemma’s paws was in perfect order, but the front, too short, forked in two. At the same time, the dog does not feel deprived at all because of this feature. She adapts to a normal life and even got used to standing on her hind legs, just like a kangaroo.

She is very friendly and cheerful and enjoys her life like all small dogs. She is very sociable and loves to be around people, play with them and caress, expressing her gratitude and happiness to the staff of the shelter.

At the moment, Gemma has been adopted by a caring family, but for now, volunteers are trying to figure out which family it would be more convenient to transfer her to, because caring for such a special pet requires more effort.

Gemma lives in a house where,besides her, there are two more cats and she gets along well with them. Apart from the features of the paws, the dog is completely healthy. At an older age, she will undergo an operation that will allow her to live a full life, that even in this state she enjoys life.

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