The frozen dog wandered through the park in the cold and looked passers-by in the eye

The girl told a story about two of her pets. She sheltered both them from the street and will always adhere to the opinion that mongrels are in no way inferior to purebred dogs and urge everyone to make stray dogs and cats happy.

Approximately ten years ago Christina adopted a charming fluffy dog called Belka. It was a cold winter evening and she and her husband were walking in the city park and it was then that they met a dog that was shaking from the cold, was exhausted and very sad.

They felt very sorry for the animal and couldn’t pass indifferently past the creature, the whole appearance of which begged to be taken home, warmed and given food. And so they did.

And the dark little dog Kusya appeared in the house only two years ago. She took root in their yard and hid under the balcony of a high-rise building, and it was then that Christina noticed her.

At first, she just fed the dog and hesitated if she could take care of two pets, but when she learned that the local company had put her on the list of dogs to be euthanized, she made a decision right away.

Kusya and Belka spend the whole day together like best friends. And we will thank this wonderful couple, who gave two animals a chance to live a full happy life.

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