The girl found a fur hat in the store, which suddenly moved

The girl loves to go to second-hand shops in search of unusual things. One day, while shopping, the girl noticed an interesting fur hat, which turned out to be a sleeping cat.

In one of the commission stores in New York, the girl stumbled upon a red fur hat. The thing interested the girl and she decided to take a closer look at it. The hat turned out to be a red cat curled up in a ball.

“The hat was actually a cat. I swear it made my heart jump in my throat, ”said the girl when she realized that the hat was not what it seemed.

As it turned out, the cute cat has been «working» in this store for a long time. Some second-hand customers also noticed him in the comments to the video and said that the cat has long conquered the hearts of all visitors with its charm and good looks.

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