The girl heard the cry of the puppy just in time: he was exhausted, but he could still be saved

A little homeless puppy girl is in trouble. Once, on the way, the crumbs met a man with a traumatic gun. Either he just wanted to scare the animal, or he acted with malicious intent, but the bullet hit the puppy in the eye …

The unfortunate baby, crying in pain, hurried to carry her paws away … It is not known how long she wandered the streets and what she ate, but by the time Irina Ivanova met on her way, she was already completely exhausted.

The dumbfounded girl hurried to take the injured animal to the veterinary clinic, where he was given first aid and left there until he fully recovered.

Then Irina Ivanova started looking for owners for the pet. When the baby fully recovered, they came to take her to a new home! That’s just the psyche of the animal suffered so much that the poor thing even peed in the car on the way home.

The baby was afraid of her own shadow, and as soon as someone next to her abruptly waved her hand, she immediately fell to the ground and closed her eyes in fear. But the new mistress of the dog, a girl named Varvara, firmly said that she would love the pet, no matter what. “Love and care will help!” she said confidently.

Four months have passed, and now the baby is simply unrecognizable! The dog, which was named Nika, became cheerful and vivacious.True, some mental problems still remain, but Varvara is sure that she will help her pet cope with them!

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