The girl saved the life of a baby kangaroo and replaced his mother

At a zoo in Israel, a young kangaroo gave birth to a baby kangaroo that was tiny, less than three centimeters long. He, as it was supposed to be a kangaroo, climbed into his mother’s purse, where it was warm and comfortable.

Most often, babies are eight months old, however, this baby wasn’t lucky, as the mother refused him and didn’t feed him, but simply drove him out of the bag.

This happened in the wild, the baby would not have survived, however, he had a chance at the zoo. Zoo employee Valeria took care of the baby. She has always loved animals and has experience in caring for rare species.

She raised a fawn quite recently, as well as monkeys, a bear cub and a giraffe.

In the case of the kangaroo, it was the most difficult. She lubricated him with oil, carried him in a special pocket and fed him milk according to the schedule.

Even when the animal grew up, he did not want to leave Valeria and even fell asleep in an embrace with her.

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