The girl until the last sat in the stairwell with a puppy, which her parents threw out

A volunteer brought a dog from another city, but soon the animal was on the street. When we managed to talk to the volunteer, it turned out that he brought the dog for a family that really wanted a pet. The man talked to his family, visited their apartment, people made a good impression on him, so he undoubtedly trusted their animal.

According to the volunteer, he periodically called the woman who told him that everything was fine with the dog, they were very happy with the pet. As it turned out, at that time the dog again lived on the street.

The new owners kicked the dog out of the house, but the puppy didn’t want to leave, because he managed to get used to the new house and his owners.

The dog remained to live in the entrance. Of the whole family, only a little girl showed responsibility and love for animals, who daily brought food to the dog and sat next to her. The girl was very sorry for the animal, but she could not oppose anything to the decision of her parents, since she was still very small.

The girl was next to Yuna, as she called the dog, until the day when a new curator took her from the entrance. Most likely, it was the support of the child that helped Yuna survive this situation and not lose faith in people and not run away.

It is very difficult to find a new family for animals. Curators and volunteers invest their time and effort in these animals, and people often don’t appreciate this. If you are not sure that you want a dog and can take care of it, why take it into your home, give the animal hope? Having taken the animal, you must be ready to take care of it, and not drive it away immediately, as soon as something goes wrong.

Yuna lives with her new curator and is safe and cared for. I would like to believe that soon they will find a new home for her and owners who will love her and take care of her no matter what.

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