The girl wanted to adopt an ordinary Corgi but received 25 kg of happiness

Savannah really wanted a dog living in her house.

They were given a dog named Noah. Also, his previous owner was no longer able to continue caring for the Corgi dog.

Savannah Nguyen thought she was going to have a regular corgi. But the man who gave him his dog didn’t say Noah had Australian Shepherd blood. That’s why he was so big.

This came as a surprise to the girl. She was almost in shock. However, she did not abandon the dog. Moreover, they have become inseparable. They walk together, visit Noah’s friends. However, he is twice as tall as them.

Of course, Noah’s height and weight are surprising. Nguyen said she went to take Noah with her neighbor.

The journey took 6 hours. They arrived and entered the house. And then the dog saw Savannah and started jumping so much that it almost reached the size of the girl.

He made an incredible impression on the new owner. In addition, she expected to see a small dog but Noah weighs 25 kilograms.

But he’s still lovely qnd charming. Besides the size, this is an ordinary corgi. The same ears, no tail, special undercoat and other things. But the weight and size do not prevent it from being loved by everyone.

On the contrary, everyone wants to stroke such an unusual corgi and take a picture next to it.

Noah himself likes to cuddle with the new owner.He always asks for affection. He sometimes approaches people and presses his face to their hand.And the big corgi doesn’t mind swimming. However, he does this with difficulty.

Savannah got so attached to Noah that she started painting his portraits.

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