The girl was not afraid to get into the mud to save a cat that needed help

Often people do not feel any sympathy for cats and dogs that do not have a very beautiful appearance or diseases that inspire people with fear and antipathy. No one wants to shelter and help them, and they most likely stay in shelters.

And shelter staff realize that these animals really need love, care, treatment and care, but in reality it turns out quite the opposite.

But there are people who are a pleasant exception and help just such pets in trouble. So, this girl was not at all afraid to give shelter to a sick cat and cure her.

She read about it in contact. Purr was in one of the regional centers and, clearly, was bullied by nonhumans. The paws were covered in blood and traces of the rope were visible on them, and the tail was completely peeled off.

The very next day, the girl and her fiancé went to the village to look for a cat and tried to find the place indicated in the post on the social network.

The roads were impenedtrable and the girl left her fiancé’s car to guard, and she herself went on foot, getting in the mud up to her knees, and only after walking two kilometers did she find a completely weakeness cat, that, although scared of them, no longer had the strength to resist and she was quickly transplanted into carrying.

Despite the fact that she had little money, she took the cat to the veterinarian and paid for the treatment, and some caring people helped buy medicines and the girl returned their debts from the next salary.

She left the cat to live with her, despite the fact that she already had four of them, we note that they were all rescued from the street in the same helpless state.

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