The girl was walking with the dogs in the forest, and suddenly they hurried somewhere. They hurried to the puppy who needed help

Victoria Kalashnikova from Chita loves dogs. And these are not empty words! No wonder the girl has four tails in her house…

Of course, they didn’t plan to have a fourth pet, but by chance, the family was replenished with one more cute “wet nose”! It happened four years ago.

One day the girl went for a walk with her three dogs. Her joyful pets suddenly began to behave strangely and worriedly.Trusting the animals, Victoria kept a close eye on where they were going. Soon the dogs led her to a forest hole, in which there were three puppies! Two at that time, unfortunately, died (probably, they froze).But saving the smallest crumb was still real! True, she was already quite weak. If the dogs hadn’t found her, she wouldn’t have lived very long.

Vika took the surviving girl home, warmed her and fed her. Since the girl not only loves dogs, but also helps them in every possible way, she has been a volunteer for a long time.

This is why, she hoped to soon attach the rescued dog in good hands. That’s just the people who were interested in the baby, seemed to her some kind of «muddy». Without thinking twice, the girl made a serious decision to leave the pet at home.

“Where there are three dogs, there is a place for the fourth!” Victoria argued. So the puppy, who was given the nickname Nora, found her home. Now she sleeps with her mistress at night and warms her on cold winter evenings…

None of the dogs living with the girl is deprived of attention and love! In the heart of a girl, there will always be a little more love and compassion for some pet. And for that, thank you very much!

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