The gorilla had no children of his own and she was given a box of kittens for her birthday

Gorilla Koko lived in a zoo in California. Jyf has become famous throughout the world, because she has significant intellectual abilities. Koko has been living in the zoo since the early 70s, and during this time, scientists have conducted many experiments, studying the intellectual abilities of monkeys.

Koko proved to be very capable of learning and was able to master sign language. When one of the monkeys broke Coco’s toy, she didn’t show aggression, but in response, she gave the offender a real angry speech in sign language, providing her with a dozen insults. The gorilla has a fairly large vocabulary.She know about 2000 words in English, she understands their meaning and reacts accordingly.

Although Koko was constantly busy with experiments and interacted with people a lot, she didn’t have offspring and this made her sad. It was especially hard for Koko to look at other monkeys who took care of their babies. When the gorilla turned 44, zoo workers gave her an unusual gift, a box of kittens.

This day was the happiest in Coco’s life. She immediately fell in love with these babies, carefully took them in her hands one at a time and stroked them for a long time. Against the background of a large gorilla, the kittens looked very small and fragile, but Koko was extremely attentive and gentle.She didn’t make a single careless movement, trying her best not to hurt the babies.

It turned out that gorillas love kittens no less than the regulars of social networks. Surprising was the fact that the kittens were not at all afraid of the gorilla, but gladly accepted her care and played with her.

The love of her ward for cats was noticed by the staff back in 1984, she constantly took care of the cats wandering into the zoo. Koko died 4 years ago, she was 46 years old, on average, representatives of this species live about forty years.

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