The guy could not separate the two cats-sisters and now they have become the favorite of many people

5 years ago Pavel from St. Petersburg decided to get a cat. In search of a pet, he went around shelters and looked through classified sites, all to no avail. The fact is that the guy was looking for a special cat that could hook him at first sight.

Several times Pavel came across one ad, where they offered to give two Angora kittens into good hands. The problem was that these kittens were twins Abis and Iris, whom they did not want to separate and gave away together.

Interestingly, the cats were so similar that both had heterochromia – the left eyes were blue and the right eyes were yellow. This is a real miracle, looking at which Pavel decided to take two kittens after all.

And now the sisters are constantly inseparable and do everything very synchronously. Pavel admits that he is glad that he changed his mind in time and decided to take two kittens.

Pavel decided that the world should see such beauties, so he created an Instagram account for them, where more than 200 thousand fans follow the cats. Iris and Abis were also noticed by advertisers, so now the animals have become the “face” of cat food.

Pavel claims that despite their similar appearance, cats differ greatly in character. Iris is flexible and very inquisitive, she is the first to meet a new guest. But Abis does not like being touched by strangers.

Would you take two kittens at once?

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