The guy found a pregnant and abandoned dog in the bushes… she is about to give birth

When this dog was found in the bushes, she had very little time before giving birth. The man understood that this place was too dangerous for the appearance of babies, so he found a safe and secluded place for her. This act allowed the volunteer to become a real hero.

The dog climbed into the very center of the thick bushes, so the volunteer could not immediately find it. The man made his way through thorny bushes and small trees until his gaze found the animal. The dog wasn’t just pregnant, she was at the time when childbirth could begin at any time. The man realized that it wasn’t safe to leave the animal in the bushes and carried the dog to his car.

The man worked for an animal charity that worked with a local shelter. It was to the shelter that he took the dog, but he failed to place it there. Other wards of the shelter began to bark at the new one, and the pregnant dog was so frightened that it was not safe to leave her in the center.

The man placed the pregnant dog on the territory of the shelter, because it was fenced and safe. This is where the puppies were born. Often, protecting their babies, dogs become aggressive, but in this case it was different, because the mother trusted the person who took care of her and knew that he would not harm her babies.

The very next day after the appearance in the shelter, the dog gave birth to 8 puppies, which, fortunately, turned out to be completely healthy. When the mother recovered and the kids grew up, they went to live in a temporary home.

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