The happy dog wagged his tail because finally he could eat

One day caring people noticed a dog that was lying on a pile of car tires. Abandoned by everyone,she looked around dreary, feeling hungry and loneliness.

Fortunately, after some time, volunteers found out about the dog. Seeing the poor animal they immediately decided to help him.

The first meeting with the dog amazed the volunteers. The foundling was apathetic, sad and looked sad. He didn’t even react when the volunteer took him up. It seemed that the pet didn’t care what would happen to him next.

A volunteer took him to the car. She noticed that the dog’s ears were cut off, and in addition, scabies developed on the skin.

And yet despite such a sad fate the dog wasn’t evil. On the contrary, he clung to the volunteer and even tried to lick his new friend. And in the car the poor thing obediently lay down on the bed and waited for what would happen in his life.

When they gave him food the hungry dog began to wag his tail.He couldn’t even move away from the bowl, he was so hungry. All next days, when the foundling was in the shelter, the situation was exactly the same.He greedily devoured food and couldn’t get enough.

While he was eating, the veterinarian took care of his wool and health. The poor thing suffered from severe itching and hair loss but all these problems were soon solved.

After some time he turned into a cute dog that didn’t look like a sick foundling. He grew thick fur and only shortened ears spoke of the fact that until recently the baby had a hard life.

A little time passed, and the dog was «adopted». He has a caring family that loves a four-legged «boy».Now he is a beloved pet and his future is seen in a joyful light.

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