The happy story of a cat found in critical condition on the street

Our hero is a young red cat. The guy got into a very difficult situation.

Seeing the lying, lifeless and motionless cat, they immediately doubted.Would it be possible to save him? Does it make sense to fight for the life of a pet?

These doubts weren’t without reason. The guy had all four of his paws injured. He couldn’t move or even raise his head. He just lay there and took the last breaths. There isn’t even a doubt: having found Yarik a couple of hours later, it would hardly be possible to do something.

The situation was very difficult. The surgeon silently set to work. All four paws Yarik had to remove, because they were already dead. Necrosis consumed them completely. Such intervention seriously affected the condition of the pet. The guy was very difficult to recover from anesthesia and the operation performed on him.

For a whole month Yarik refused to eat. He could hardly endure droppers and as if with a glance asked him to end his torment. But as if to spite all the ill-wishers and to the delight of the only curator who believed in him, Yarik began to recover.

He was left without his limbs. Instead of beautiful red paws, there are now small stumps. But for a kind loving heart, this didn’t turn out to be an obstacle. Yarik despite his history and the lack of full-fledged limbs, nevertheless won the heart of one woman.She took the baby under her wing. This happy story teaches one thing: the eyes can see everything, but only the heart is vigilant. She loves it, no matter what.

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