The hut of homeless puppies was broken and the kids themselves were taken away to the trash

We found 9 puppies about three weeks old in a kind of dugout built by their mother. The dog dug a mink for his children, in which they slept on the ground. Nearby there was something that looked like a hut, it was built by a caring guy, using the rubbish found around. Older puppies lived in this house, they had old bedding.

The kids were starving, so Lena and Maxim, our volunteers, took care of them. There were many kids, they ate with appetite, so the volunteers could hardly cope with feeding them, and the diet was mostly inexpensive porridge. Thanks to an appeal to my subscribers, we managed to raise money for puppy food.

We were only briefly glad that the puppies would no longer starve. When the next day after the release of my post, the volunteers arrived at the construction site, the hut was gone, the hole was filled with earth. We also failed to find puppies. It was clear that the makeshift dwelling was not damaged by wind or rain, it was broken by people. Although in my post I did not write where the puppies live, I am convinced that someone left the kids without a home just after I asked for help.

The hut was also dismantled, removing both the sofa and bedding. The heavy frame remained in place and it was under it that we found a couple of puppies.

Our volunteers found the rest of the kids in a nearby garbage dump. The puppies were frightened, but, fortunately, alive. It’s hard for me to imagine who they interfered with and why they were deprived of the only semblance of a home that they had.

We had no idea what to do with so many puppies. One of my metropolitan subscribers wanted to take one of the kids and agreed to take care of five more, but on the condition that I would soon find them a new home.

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