The incredible maternal instinct of a retriever who considers kids to be his cubs

One of the friendliest dog breeds, the Golden Retriever Lauren, has lived on a farm since she was young. She helped the owners take care of many different kinds of pets.


She was even given the jokingly affectionate nickname «Mom» on the farm, as her connection with the animals she took care of was incredible. And these animals were of various kinds.

But the birth of these goats completely changed Lauren. The owner shared that the dog had previously interacted with a huge number of farm animals and was already used to their presence.

She laughed, comparing the dog to a mother chicken, which is incredibly happy about the birth of cubs of various kinds and nurses and takes care of them as if they were her own.

And recently, several kids were brought to the farm , whose mother passed away, but they managed to be saved. Lauren was delighted with them. The dog, as we wrote above, loves all animals, but in relation to these cubs, she woke up especially tender feelings.

Yes, and the goats themselves have a rather sociable character and they are very friendly and therefore very attached to Lauren and practically did not leave each other. They play, eat and sleep together and the dog is very worried when they disappear from her field of vision. So, the dog has replaced its own mother for the orphaned kids and treats this role with full responsibility.

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