The kitten is only a couple of months old and he already does not see anything

This kitten was born just a couple of months ago, but he has already lost the opportunity to see this world and learn it through images.

He will never see his mother again, the sun, people around, and a person. Who will love him and take care of him, if, of course, we manage to find such a person.

He is still quite a baby, but he has already lost his sight and has known other hardships of life, wandering through the basements in search of food and warmth. Just how he didn’t fall prey to stray dogs remains a mystery. The baby was hungry and dehydrated, it was clear that he had not eaten for a long time. The kitten was crying, calling for its mother, but she was not there.

The cries of the baby were heard by people, they took him from the street and took him to a shelter. The kitten was scared, because he did not understand what was happening. He saw nothing, and there were no familiar landmarks, smells or sounds around him.

Now this baby is completely dependent on us, if we do not wash him, he has practically no chance of life. In addition to blindness, one of the baby’s eyes is inflamed and enlarged, urgent help from an ophthalmologist is needed.

The kitten urgently needs droppers, as well as food, because due to prolonged hunger, he simply forgot how to eat on his own.

To understand what is happening, it is necessary to undergo tests, he definitely needs treatment and it is urgently needed. We hurry to the clinic and hope only that we will bring the baby alive …

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