The kitten ran after the guy all the way to the house. He really wanted to find a master

Joe went to walk his dog. They were walking a familiar route when a kitten just appeared under the guy’s feet. The baby was crying loudly, so Joe immediately noticed him and stopped.

This walk became a turning point in his life, because the three of them returned home already.

Joe took the kitten to the vet the same day. The doctor found that the baby was born only two weeks ago and he needs special care.Joe understood that there would be many worries with the kitten, but he was ready for them. At that moment, Joe had a big load at work and he had almost no free time, but he decided that the kitten appeared on his way for a reason and he simply had to take care of him.

The kitten was named Leo. Joe put him to bed, bottle fed him on schedule, let him climb on his shoulders when the kitten decided it was his favorite spot. Leo turned out to be very inquisitive and energetic, he constantly studied everything around.

The kitten quickly found a common language with the dog that lives in Joe, but it was the guy who was in the center of the kitten’s attention, so he did not leave the owner a single step. Knowing that the baby needed constant care, Joe never left him alone, always taking him with him wherever he went.

Leo went with the owner to work, to the gym, to meet friends, everyone was delighted with Joe’s companion, and Leo really liked visiting new places and meeting people.

A very strong bond arose between Joe and Leo, they became best friends. Joe is convinced that Leo did not just appear on his way, especially since at that moment in the life of a man there was a very difficult period. With the distraction of taking care of the kitten, Joe was able to reallocate his time and began to relax more and take care of himself.

Leo has grown up a long time ago, but many of his childhood habits have remained, for example, he still loves to climb on Joe’s shoulders or travel while sitting in his master’s backpack. Leo was able to find a person who took care of him, the kitten from the very first days became part of the Joe family.

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