The kitten was crossing the road.A hand emerged from the slowed down car and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck

This kitten was still too young to understand what was happening. He didn’t run after people and didn’t cry, asking for help. The little girl proudly lifted her tail and tried to cross the road. In a few seconds, her march could have ended in a ditch, after which we would not have been able to find her traces.

Circumstances developed in such a way that it was at that moment that Masha and I were passing by. We drove home to Masha, having previously dropped into the store and bought various goodies. Today we planned to solemnly see off Masha to a new city and a new life. Suddenly, a shadow passed in front of the car.

— Who is this? Kitty? Look, just a baby!

— Well, what is it, you can’t even leave as a person?

— And what should we do?

— What are you going to do here? Brake.

As soon as Masha slowed down, I opened the doors and on the go grabbed the kitten by the scruff of the neck. Having barely dragged the baby into the car, I closed the doors, and Masha accelerated, merging into the stream of cars.

On the way we couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. We had almost reached the village where Masha’s house was, but we still couldn’t figure out what to do. There are no shops in the village, Masha packed her things a long time ago and had to leave for Kaliningrad the other day, so she also had no food left in the house.

— So what to do? We bought pizza, we will pick sausage out of it for the little one.

The car house was already fully prepared for departure, half of the things were on their way to Kaliningrad, the rest were packed in boxes. Even the doors in the house had already been removed, so we could not figure out where to put the little one so that she would not run away.

The sideboard was the only suitable place. Their improvised means made a tray, which was filled with sand, found a rag, sausages dragged from pizza, even managed to find some milk. It seemed that she calmly crossed the road, did not interfere with anyone, but then they grabbed her, brought her to no one knows where, put her in a window.

The girls and I have a rule — whoever notices a homeless person does it, that’s just to make Masha decide what to do with a tiny kitten the day before she has to travel a thousand kilometers with two dogs, and then get comfortable in a rented apartment , I could not. The baby stayed with me.

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