The kitten was pecked by crows.He could no longer get up

When we got this kitten, he was about 5 months old. The baby lived on the street, where a caring girl noticed him. The kitty was very weak and could not even fight off the crows that pecked at her. Pus flowed from her nose, and the cat lay, enduring the attacks of birds, because she did not even have enough strength to run away.

The girl brought us a kitten. Asking to shelter him for 4 days so that he doesn’t die on the street. Unfortunately, the agreed period came to an end, but the girl did not take the kitten, saying that she could not take care of him and if we force her to take him, he will again be on the street.

Murka is an example of what happens on the street with kittens suffering from such a banal disease as rhinotracheitis. This girl’s case is quite neglected. Snot flows out of the nose along with pus. Most likely, due to illness, Murka couldn’t eat normally and became very weak, which attracted the attention of the ravens. It took us three days and a dose of antibiotics for the animal to improve significantly.

As soon as the cat’s nose began to pass oxygen even a little, she was able to eat. The baby’s mood immediately improved, she began to run, willingly communicates with people and fawns over them. While her Murka is weak, she staggers when walking, but the veterinarians assured us that this will pass as soon as she rests and gains weight.

All that is required now is good nutrition, care and continued treatment of the virus, due to which the baby has a constant runny nose.

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