The little boy has the cutest expression when his grandfather plays the saxophone

Braylon is a small toddler who loves watching his grandfather, Joe Sims, play the saxophone. There seems to be nothing else in the world that Braylon loves more.

Braylon’s expression shows a maturity beyond his years.

Braylon’s smile and thoughtful look in his eyes are very charming. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral, and everyone agreed that Braylon had a loving expression.

Joe Sims has been playing since the 5th grade, and Braylon has been a fan since hearing him play. Now he plays for Braylon whenever he gets the chance.

Braylon is the most beautiful spectator sitting in a chair. He looks like the tiniest regular at a jazz bar thinking about the beauty of life.

After the video went viral, people donated to buy Joe Sims a new saxophone. He was emotional when the new instrument arrived and he couldn’t believe it.

Joe Sims was wiping tears from his face and covering his mouth as he unboxed the new instrument. With it, he always plays Braylon’s favorite song «The Itsy Bitsy Spider.»

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