The little Shar-Pei stood in a muddy puddle and waited for someone to pay attention to him

A Shar-Pei puppy was spotted on the streets of Kursk when it was already quite cold. The dog was extraordinarily beautiful, but its fur was stained with mud. The kid stood helplessly on the street, and people just passed by without noticing him.

The puppy constantly peered into the faces of people, as if trying to find someone, but no one came for him.

It isn’t known how much time the baby spent on the street, but he was very dirty and wet. Finally, one of the girls stopped near the animal. As if sensing that the girl could help him, Shar Pei happily wagging his tail ran up to the girl. The dog willingly went to.He was very kind, and also extremely thin and hungry.All that the baby has left to remember from the former owner is a simple collar.

The girl saw the collar and thought that the puppy was lost. For several hours she managed to arrange a friend in the shed.The girl was convinced that the owner of such a wonderful animal would be found very quickly. The girl and her friend immediately posted a photo in a group in which the townspeople are looking for lost animals.

The owner didn’t show up either that day or the next. It became clear that Barney wasn’t lost, he was simply thrown out of the house. In such a small town any information disperses quickly, and if the former owner made the slightest attempt to find him, this immediately became known.

Funny and good-natured Barney falls in love with him at first sight. The owner also says that the puppy is very smart and gets along well with other animals.

Barney is only 4 months old, but he tries to emulate adult dogs, it turns out that he is very touching and cute. Sharpei loves hugs, well-mannered and smart, so his future owners will get a wonderful friend.

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