The little time was left! Guy traveled 2,800 miles to save a pit bull.

Mario Rodriguez loves pit bulls! It was because of his love for this breed of dogs that he, having heard one touching story from his wife, left everything to save the animal.

Our heroine’s name is Hickory. The two-year-old dog was on the list for euthanasia at the New York Animal Care Center. Looking at the photo of the baby, Mario felt that he had an obligation to help her.

But there were very little time left, and the problem was not only in this.

The difficulty was that Rodriguez was working as a driver and at the time was 2,800 miles away in California for work. Then the guy decided that in order to save the dog, he needed to give up everything.

The young man asked his employer to change the route and then called the shelter to let him know that he was on his way to pick up Hickory.

The road was long. Mario called volunteers every day to report his whereabouts. On the third day, the shelter already knew his number.

Finally, Rodriguez was in place. As soon as Hickory saw the guy, she seemed to feel that this man came to save her. The dog almost jumped over the door of the kennel, and then, approaching the savior, began to lick his face, hugging him with her paws.

It seems like it was love at first sight.

Hickory readily jumped into the truck to the guy, and they went home to Georgia.

Soon the dog met her new family and two pit bulls that lived at Mario’s house.At first Hickory was a little shy, but after five minutes she was happily jumping on the grass with her pets.

The dog was so grateful to the man for the rescue, for the roof over his head, and for the delicious food. The sweet couple began to travel together — more precisely, the baby is now helping her owner to work.

Hickory even has her own bed, that was made for her by the owner right in the truck.

The guy with the dog even managed to acquire fans, because it is impossible not to notice such a touching friendship.

Mario says his beloved dog was worth almost 3,000 miles of driving!

Thanks to the guy for dropping everything and going to rescue the animal.

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