The longest cat in the world.What is it, where does it live and how does it win hearts

What is he, the longest cat in the world? Meet the charming red Maine Coon named Omar. This cat conquers the hearts of thousands of cat lovers around the world and makes him admire.

The pet lives in Australia with a mistress named Stefi Hirst. When the girl sheltered a cat, she knew that the representatives of the breed grow up quite large, but she wolud never have thought that she had a real record holder in front of her.

The handsome cat lives in Melbourne and even has his own Instagram page. Omar, like all other cats, loves to sleep, eat tight and frolic. By the way, he often arranges games and fun with the dogs living in the neighborhood. There is no point in being afraid of their huge cat, and the dogs understand that Omar, in which case, can stand up for himself.


The Maine Coon weighs fourteen kilograms, and its length and this is without taking into account the tail. Is one hundred and nineteen centimeters. The lobster has grown larger than the breed standards. At the moment it is the longest cat in the world.

What do champions eat? A touching the food of the cat, he is still picky. Give him only dry food and kangaroo meat.

Considerable weight and a long body make the cat very large. If he decides to stand on his hind legs, when he will not look like a domestic cat at all.

By the way, Omar has more than enough fans. More than one hundred and sixty thousand people from different parts of the world subscribe to his Instagram. Everyone likes to follow the adventures of a huge red cat.

It’s Omar’s Instagram username — omar_mainecoon))

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