The man agreed to shelter a homeless man for a couple of days, but decided to leave him forever

This dog was left by his owners alone in the middle of the field. To survive, the dog was forced to eat grass. I helped with the treatment of the dog, and Vladimir took him to his house, because he lives near the clinic, and Jack needed to visit the doctor quite often. We immediately agreed that Jack would stay with Vladimir for only a few days, but everything turned out completely differently.

Jack recovered very quickly and became very attached to Vladimir. The dog did not leave the man a single step, constantly looked into his eyes and begged for affection. Jack quickly got used to the apartment, almost immediately feeling at home. Most likely, the life of the dog in the former house was difficult, devoid of care, good attitude and delicious food.

I wrote a post about Jack and there were those who responded, saying that they would like to take him. Vladimir read my post, but instead of being glad that Jack would soon have new owners, the man was upset, because he did not want to part with his new friend at all.

Vladimir has 7 dogs, he took all of them from the street, but for Jack there was a place in his big heart. Jack found a common language with other pets, he spends a lot of time with Vladimir, they even play football.

Although at the beginning of his life Jack was very unhappy, fate was favorable to him and everything he experienced turned out to be only a difficult road to true happiness.

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