The man came to the shelter for a new cat, but in one of the cages he found the old one, which he lost

Theron and his cat, Sweet Pei, lived in a small town in Maine. The man was very fond of animals, but cats were his real weakness, so Cutie Pei was very loved and spoiled. One day Theron could not find his pet.

The man turned the whole house upside down, searched the courtyard and the street, connected it to the search for neighbors, printed and hung ads throughout the area. Time passed, but Sweetie Pei never returned, so Theron had to come to terms with the fact that he would never see his pet again.

The man decided to give the house to another pet, thinking that it would help him get over the loss of a friend. Theron went to the shelter to choose an animal. There were dozens of cats at the shelter who wanted to find a home and a family, so Theron and the staff went to inspect the cages.

Near one of the cells, the man froze, not believing what he was seeing. From the cage, Sweet Pei was looking at him. The man did not expect to see her again, and even more so, in a cage in a shelter. Theron showed the shelter staff a photo of the cat that he kept on his phone, they immediately agreed to give the cat to its owner.

When Theron brought Cutie Pei home, he could not believe his luck for a long time, but fate decided that he and his beloved deserved to be together and a real miracle happened.

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